I work at the University at Albany, and my research explores the intersection of practical and theoretical reason. My dissertation, for example, argued that understanding ourselves as rational creatures requires a variety of distinct models, which cannot be nicely welded together to form a single coherent picture of ourselves as rational agents. My forthcoming article in the Canadian Journal of Philosophy, on the other hand, engages recent theories of vagueness. In that piece, I argue that different practical problems force upon us different views about concepts. The result is a view that sees formal logical systems as tools designed to address different practical problems. Most recently, I’ve been piecing out portions of my dissertation. The first such piece is a pair of papers that deal with problems about how we acquire skills or, to use the jargon, knowledge-how.

When I am not doing philosophy, I spend my time with my bright-eyed daughter and amazing spouse.

SUNY at Albany | Department of Philosophy | mosmium [at] gmail.com